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Yinka is not just a singer; she is a storyteller, weaving melodies that resonate with the essence of life.

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Yinka Davies, born on July 16, 1970, is a distinguished Nigerian vocalist, dancer, songwriter, and panellist on the Nigerian Idol reality competition. 
With more than three decades of professional experience, she stands as a seasoned individual within the Nigerian entertainment realm.
 Yinka possesses a distinctive melodic style and captivating stage presence, positioning her as a notable figure within the music domain.
 Furthermore, she he has also served as a judge on a number of reality shows. Despite encountering challenging periods, she attributes her resilience to her unwavering faith. 
Yinka’s musical compositions are profoundly influenced by her cultural upbringing and her diverse background. 
She continues to be regarded as a respected and influential figure in Nigerian music and entertainment..


Journey through Yinka's discography, where each album is a musical chapter. From 'Black Chiffon' to 'Urban Afro Jazz,' explore the evolution of her sound and storytelling.

Musical Influence

Explore the diverse musical influences that have shaped Yinka's unique sound. From jazz and soul to traditional African rhythms, discover the eclectic palette that colors her musical canvas

Awards and Recognitions

Celebrate Yinka's accolades and recognitions. Her contributions to the world of music have garnered acclaim and awards. Explore the milestones that define her illustrious career.


Interviews and Awards

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